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Tamar Yishay joins the Crawford Lab as a Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. student


Doing the Twist

We demonstrate high hyperpolarizability xanthene-bridged zwitterionic chromophores at low twist angles

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Human Sustainability

Key considerations for human sustainability involve physiological health, and access to food and clean water. However, next generation technologies will demand materials with new properties that are both modern and sustainable. The Crawford Lab designs soft materials for advanced applications with sustainability in mind, wherein each new and existing research topic factors in key features like a material’s life cycle and origin. Outcomes from these efforts will enable development of responsible materials that meet the design needs for a wide range of applications from wearable and implantable devices for human health monitoring to thin films for food packaging and filtration.

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Flexible Electronics

Design next-generation tools for human health monitoring.<br><br>
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Soft Materials

Develop sustainable, advanced technologies. <br><br>
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Evaluate the structure-property relationships of polymers and composites. <br>

Soft Matter and Flexible Electronic Experts

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Kaitlyn E. Crawford

Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Applying transdisciplinary expertise to develop solutions to significant societal challenges that cannot be effectively solved in the silo of a single discipline. Together, we can create a sustainable future.

Aditya Maan
Graduate Student
Tamar Yishay
Graduate Student
Meryl Wiratmo
Undergraduate Student
Erin Watson
Undergraduate Student
Samantha Williams
Undergraduate Student
Arielle Myerson
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Developing our next generation of engineers by engaging students in the classroom. 

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Engaging the community through STEM activities, workshops, and science fairs.

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Inclusion & Equity

Enhancing participation and retention of minorities in STEM through mentorship.